About Us

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Well…. we started as a small internet venture back in 1997.  The venture did well and inspired us to do more. We then went into administration SEO and design. this led to other areas such as e-commerce. The administration side of the business was running our own servers for our owns sites. This was very interesting as it was a way for us to save money on expenses. Once friends with other businesses found out about our success, Next Internet was born. The company flourished for the next 5 years until the economic down turn in 2002. The company struggled for the next 5 years and in 2007 began to make traction again. Now we are into many of the same industries and a few more. Bartending and Waitstaff services, Web Design and SEO as well as other supporting sites that lead prospective clients  to our services.


This is the long short version about us.

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